What do we put out in the world?

I have spent the previous four years with slight light battling the fear of uncertainty. It’s a losing game with these long-short years of teaching myself that labels make sense but do not produce much common ground.

What creates so much despondency with this mindset is that nobody goes home happy at the end of the day. It will either mold your character around your label or make you spend your whole life asking why it is the way it is. If you don’t make an effort to seek out affirmation during those times, you don’t get to taste the middle ground where inventiveness and artistry thrives in.

Still, we go back to our label-makers, even after the lesson is disclosed. 

Does it make it any better that our disposition suffers just so everyone gets a vote on how self-expression—a gift unique to each individual—is done uniformly so nobody gets offended? Ultimately, we cannot please everyone, no matter how careful we are with our individuality.

Every day, I prop myself up from bed to work in my home office all afternoon doing client work so two things get performed: craftsmanship and workmanship. If I didn’t have to worry about survival, work is impractical and purposeless. Same goes with growth and development. Same goes with success and fulfillment. 

Each of these negative and positive entities are points laid out in the axis of life’s essence. It’s your call to either go left or right from which point you currently are in. With the proper knowledge, you will know that the quintessential course of action is to not stay put. The other route choices offer so much more than just drawbacks and displeasure.

What we put out in the world is much more enlightening than what we take in from it. It is not other people’s job to create things for dissipation. We are all born with the aptness to create. And it is a merit to be human and use our human ways to build each other’s ingenuity.  



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