Hey, everyone! I just had the most amazing weekend with the most amazing people at the most amazing place I’ve ever been to.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you’ll know that I mentioned this place on one of my previous blog posts this year. Alas, we couldn’t help but go back here with a few friends and just breathe in the scenery. I also shared some snaps and updates on my Tumblr and Instagram and a lot has been asking where this place is located.

I’ll share the snaps I took later on but for now, I want to share to you what this place has done to me. Danglas, Abra is the last useable road at the furthest part of the mountain area called Abra. It is not a highway road that’s why not a lot of people know about this. It only just opened two months ago by the Tourism Department of Abra.

Most people who know about this place are bikers who joyride their way through life, families who goes on a roadtrip every now and then and people who just love exploring the breadth and depth of Abra. 

It’s a blessing getting to know this place as it instantly makes you feel as if you’re disconnect from the rest of the world and all you have is the cold cold breeze, your cozy sweater, the orange grass, the orange valleys, the bike trails that lead to more amazing spots and peace and awe. The road that lead you to this place isn’t even bad. Most roads in the Philippines, especially when they’re away from civilizations, aren’t the standard quality.

Here are some of the photos I took