war in ‘nam


gasses, war in ‘nam, horsing funny trades, pistachios and figs and belly-aches; a scientific study of how time was created and cursed; the gas leaks out the kitchen floor; sink, crummy attic’s creaking doors, while love doesn’t seem to keep its promises; I’m telling you, the supersymmetry of these friendly quarreling of our lands, they’re only there to divide the belts snaking around our waists; once it’s done, we’d have different families, old ones caught in between, they disobeyed so the leaking caught them; sadly we can only grieve so much; gasses, no, smoke bombs for those who ran away; in our screens, we can see, in our paralytic senses, someone’s breathing on our necks, but our knees could only bend so much, could only take us so far; it’s a tumbling world where only the birds know how to escape, dancing in their distorted wings, singing lovely things from our windows, but sometimes we don’t see how they’re laughing in our faces, while we’re going down in history as two-legged losers of the wars we created; wow, they saw right through us; isn’t it crazy how gasses fog up our evolution that we can’t see it suffocating us, hiding in plain sight, like wind, but until then, our eyes have closed, our bodies down in dust, where all our dirty secrets come and go


Petrichor | Poem

When i squeeze in dormitory languages
people want to bury deep in the soil of voices
When the heart says what the mind won’t
When we picklock hellish doors to look for a cozy home

Holy Fucking Cow | Poem

onenous tragedy over you and me to keep
this cursing bread, some more we need, it’s fine
a hush, a prayer, a looking glass through hazy freaky smears of ecstasy