Tangible Thoughts

This is similar to a drown-in-a-tub experience on a suicide experimentation carefully recorded as the nth attempt. Whoever the website features as a successful pioneer of a lifestyle breakthrough, we gobble it up fiber after fiber until we’re convinced it isn’t luck, but strategy.

Thoughts are the steering wheel of our lives. They live up there in the Cloud and run the machine that is our mind. The more we have, the more angles our steering wheels can veer.

Tangible thoughts are evident in every micro and macro decision. It’s the fruity dressing of time regardless of their moral nature with every bit as dedicated to transcending their entities from the nebulous memory to the outside walls of the thinking organ.

Suddenly, these thoughts turn into cars, houses, ideal career, positive pregnancy result, high LSAT score, kitchen renovation, IKEA living room set, etcetera, etcetera. As far as fiction is made up, life resembles and inhabits a fantastical element of turning thoughts into things. The more long-term these thoughts are, the faster the conversion is.

The formula is easier done than said; risk-free, direct, conceptual, three-stepped process that you can do while humming and waiting for the street light to flicker from red to green. And so far, this is one of the free things in the world, best served hot or cold or room temperature. Added to that is the lack of time constraint, although time shouldn’t even be a muddle in the first place.

Now, down to the second experiment in attesting the arcane tactic of the genie within us, nagging you to go down the pub, get a pub grub and pound a hammer on our little buddy called the amygdala.

We generate sixty to eighty thousand thoughts a day. We create a network of people to lip-service the guise of what our minds can do. If it’s not wearing a tuxedo, quickly rent one from the city and dress it up. The claim that we’re business-minded entrepreneurs, self-employed telemarketers or social media influencers isn’t enough. Doll up our little buddy and it does the hard work for us.

Only thoughts attached with potent emotions are carried long-term. We might not even choose which thought goes long-term unless we feel very strongly about it. That said, we might not even behold which of these thoughts are paralleling with the reality. And because of that, we might not even conduct a simple causal analysis of the transcendence that just happened between our minds and the universe.

Nothing is too raw if the other ingredients are already placed down the table. It’s time to value the language of our brain and speak it. If we aren’t already, we’re only passing through life unaware of the control we have on the uncertainty. And we’ve already whined enough about this to our mums and dads to their dotard years.


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What we learn from the standard way of solving standard problems is that, eventually, the solution will rot and stink. It is not the experiment that changes. It’s the variables. Survival today is not the same as survival back then. Laying down the blueprint of today’s era on top of the former eras to trace out whatever we can trace from them will give us context of flecked causal analysis here and there. But it won’t reproduce the same results.

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The initial program the giants made sure everyone’s on board with is to contrive a futuristic and promising world: a world where time and distance are no longer troubles. This master plan rebuilt schools and government organizations to create employable graduates. These citizens, then, created a community of creators (doctors, engineers, actors, scientists, etc.) out of the saluted ideology that postulated going backwards is the death of this age.