Happy 2019! As I cross my fingers and hope for this year to be another lovely one, I decided to make an adventures update blog post. As I’ve said, last year was a bumpy ride and I was certainly enjoying and rocking the bumps I’ve passed by. So now, we’ll go through some of the updates that I’m too excited to share to all of you!

We spent New Year at Danglas, Abra

Danglas is a beautiful, peaceful place not a lot of people know about. If I’m not wrong, this place was only opened freshly and is the last usable road in Abra before Ilocos Norte. There are picnic areas, nature sites and meditations spots, all of which are very therapeutic.

Going to this place in the start of the year was a blessing. It definitely made the mood of 2019 instantly better. Here are some of the pictures I took:

How did you spend your New Year?

Did you spend New Year with your family? On a beach, on a hike or on a roadtrip? Did you stay at home and cooked a delicious meal? Did you spend New Year alone or with a special someone? I’m curious. Let’s talk about it in the comments section down below!

As always, have a lovely day and keep smiling! ­čÖé