Petrichor | Poem

When i squeeze in dormitory languages
people want to bury deep in the soil of voices
When the heart says what the mind won’t
When we picklock hellish doors to look for a cozy home

Holy Fucking Cow | Poem

onenous tragedy over you and me to keep
this cursing bread, some more we need, it’s fine
a hush, a prayer, a looking glass through hazy freaky smears of ecstasy

War in ‘Nam | Poem

the gas leaks out the kitchen floor
sink, crummy attic’s creaking doors
while love doesn’t seem to keep its promises

Behind The Blinds | Poem

I wish we could speak more
how casual streams of earl grey graze upon our senses
speaking gibberish, child-like

Catch | Poem

i can etch out the patterns, like encrypted symbols in an old, old scroll
calculate how they’d fall and crash to the wretched world
spin-offs, i think that’s what they’re called