It’s been months since I last visited the city. I don’t have the best experience in this place, partly because I’ve lived here for two months for college and if you’ve been following me along in this blog, you’ll know the experiences I have had during those times. It wasn’t pleasant and I wasn’t in my best headspace so whenever I visit, I remember nothing but those memories.

Sure, it wasn’t great but I have other memories that aren’t so bad in here. This city is only an hour away from where my family lives so we come here often to rewind and relax. It’s a cute little city that holds its history dearly. 

From the photos, you can see how the architecture of the buildings and the streets are mostly inspired by Spanish architecture. That is not the entire truth as this place is old enough write our history of Spanish colonization in their streets and buildings. About 20% of the buildings are preserved from those years. The other 80% are rebuilt and reconstructed as the years flew by, sticking to the same aesthetics as the ancient ones. 

Here are some of the photos I took