hold up and stir slowly, buckle and crackle at the midnight heavens; we dashed through the violet skies; holding me up tight, for life, for once, i hug your skin next to mine; fucking bear the stripclup in front of your eyes, feeling light, only hearing songs convenience stores won’t play at the safest volume; a grand display of affection in every literal order; when i hug you; when i squeeze in dormitory languages people want to bury deep in the soil of voices, when the heart says what the mind won’t; when we picklock hellish doors to look for a cozy home; when i hug your skin next to mine, I feel it’s alright to live the life i almost ditched with violet skies


Holy Fucking Cow | Poem

onenous tragedy over you and me to keep
this cursing bread, some more we need, it’s fine
a hush, a prayer, a looking glass through hazy freaky smears of ecstasy

War in ‘Nam | Poem

the gas leaks out the kitchen floor
sink, crummy attic’s creaking doors
while love doesn’t seem to keep its promises