November 2017 | Poetry Camp

The poems I wrote within the month of November (2017) were from a poetry project called Crowns and Corpses. Crowns and Corpses is still publicly published in Wattpad and were written during National Novel Writing Month. (NaNoWriMo). On December of 2017, Crowns and Corpses won 1st place in The Hidden Gems Awards 2017.

Note that these poems are only drafts and not the edited and revised, which means that you will find mistakes and errors as you read. Also, my writing style and skills are evolving constantly overtime and that this page is only a storage for all of the poems that I wrote and that I made public so you can join me in this writing journey.

November 1, 2017 | Chapter One

The Ice Weavers emerged through the mist

as silent as the running water

the jewels in their hair, dims and glistens

and frost and ice crystals began to clutter

They move soundlessly like the criminals they are

where every season transforms to a harsh winter

Bit by bit, the sun stopped setting

eternal snow storm, greater and greater

They weave through the palace

the whole kingdom, the villages

the green that once was canopy

now blue like their dresses

In coldness where the heat stopped breathing

In coldness where frozen corpses materializing

An Ice Weaver locked eyes with me in the meadow

sharp  and electric and blue in color

In a second where somehow it was timeless

the temperature around me rising and dropping

My eyes pleading with her, if she had a soul

a whoosh before me and an ice jewel dropping

November 2, 2017 | Chapter Two

Guards had caught her 

where the others had disappeared in the forest

Her face of an angel, her hair of mermaid

By dusk, when everyone should be snuggled by the fireplace,

now clogged in a crowd where the Ice Weaver dies by blade

The Ice Jewel shining before me

a priceless stone now enclosed in my fist

How cold and crystalline it is when watched by the distance

myself trudging and disappearing with the stone through the mist

A criminal’s power now inside my pockets

as long as it’s hidden, I’ll stay in my calmest

A power and shield I could use to protect my family

from the violent kingdom in the name of pride and glory

In the forest, in the midst,

I calm and brace myself

Fear, electric in my nerves

Guilt and sorrow, I cry for help

How fast did the guards follow her behind?

How fast was I lured to coat my hands in a criminal act?

as harsh as the darkness that engulfed my very presence

as harsh as the winter that kept the Ice Weavers in track

November 3, 2017 | Chapter Three

The village I called home swan into view

Families and friends corner me, worried

My face, my hands, all cold and blue

warmth lingering in my skin as they embraced me, buried

“What is it in your mind to set a foot in the palace?!”

“Guards could’ve killed you with the Ice Weavers!”

O guilt could’ve corrupted me fast

the stone beaming in a bright silver

They stepped aback, scared to come anymore closer

the stone in my pocket bringing jumping hearts

I crumpled to the ground with a steady buzz from the stone

a shivering night that had thrown me apart

November 4, 2017 | Chapter Four

Where the brave heroes fought for the kingdom’s freedom

where a great number of soldiers died for honor

where the sun would always beam at the darkening horizons

where I was born with a purpose, only to wipe everything in a clamor

Where my feet would be cold and my teeth would be gritting

where I’d cry in salt crystals for the shackles on my wrists

where I’d stand behind bars for this stone I thought would save me

where my lips would break and bleed and land on the roughest quilts

Where I thought it’s the place I’d be seeing before I’d die

Where I thought moths and rusts will corrupt for prisoners to cry

where I thought I would never set foot on as long as I’m breathing

But here I am in the kingdom’s prison where my cries keep resonating

October 20, 2017 | Good News (A haiku)

Heaven walks the earth

blues and greens await their birth

good news, they have heard

November 5, 2017 | Chapter Five

From out the shell that once controlled me

the kingdom of Ailith that I was named for

where beads of ice rumbled in the guards’ sheathes of arrows

If there ever was a sentence besides a door

My friends, my allies, I had turned my back against

Deoridh, my beloved sister, save me a cry

Till grieve no more at my nonexistent grave

Till grieve no more shall your tears be dry

Further away, I’m going

to the deepest layer of my core

to the conscience that God had breathed to life

away and away and further more

Athair and Mathair,

no more is the Ailith, your little warrior

Say goodbye for me to Ainslie and Erskine,

the twin that were made to soar

No more is the breawinner

that brought food to your mouths

No more is the bravest among us

that fed dust to your doubts

No more is the seasoned warrior

In release, she is anew

with the twinkling jewel in my palm,

I’m to sweep this world in blue

November 6, 2017 | Chapter Six

Dressed in yellow-candle light

but shadows distorted the angels in it

hair flowy like that of a sovereign

where the queen’s crown is soon to be seated

Her eyes tear-stained but alluring

her skin as blue as ocean-deep

They’ve got no tails like mermaids

but summoning is their art to keep

The Ice Weaver chained before me

no more delineating the temptation she once had

Ailith, the seasoned warrior, in the shackles

embracing the allure the Ice Weaver once had

With flames living in her eyes

and lips that men would kill for

Many of them would bow at her feet

would lie and kill to knock on her door

With eyes like Medusa

turning every man into prey

Their hungry predator vigilant

so long as the stone in her pocket’s astay

November 7, 2017 | Chapter Seven

“Beware, Aquarius,

The stone is sinful

I’ve lived those merry days

with greed and pride spoonful

I’ve traveled through land

and water and air

Kissed guards and pilgrims

and even Death’s own heir

I’ve long to see

those crystals cluttering

the power I had in my journey,


What cost I had to pay now

for treason and scholar lies

begetting Suicide’s son 

is not even that wise

What cost i had to pay now

for risking my ethics

only to cast these chains

forever bound in my wrists

Beware, Aquarius,

your vices might have started

but in the end, you’ll see

the monarchs will soon have your head”

November 8, 2017 | Chapter Eight

“Your words out of jealousy

Or words out of pain

I hear no wisdom

I thought I could gain

What you were before jail

is not what I’ll be in the palace

I’d wed you heir

and claim crowns for your solace

I’d kiss those men

where your lips had pecked

and wed them and bed them

from the chariots to the sundecks

I’ll leave your stain

to where you’d think I’d miss

and travel all countries

from oceans to narrow seas

And all those words for you, The Ice Weaver, The criminal,

who had to pay dimes and properties and lives

All for you for setting the Winter

And all its eternity, in your neck shall be knives”

-Ailith to the Ice Weaver

November 9, 2017 | Chapter Nine

A guard stood before Ailith,

“How very fortunate you are, young miss!”

said the scrawny looking guard

“How very fortunate

that your beauty is my type of art

You’ve got yourself some salvation

and these bars, I’m setting you free

Now, call on out for some chariots

I’d hand you them for free

You won’t even need to scream

for help or for some company

Just one ride in these horses

and you’ll be out here soon, you’ll see!

Got me some wife of home chores

Got me some children, looking beaten

But I’ve never set my eyes for some hunger

or thirst I’m sure I need to quench

Now, come on out

Be free from these chains

Ready your pockets

for some salt in your way

Don’t even worry

and no one will see

In the mattress of my home,

You’ll be screaming in glee”

November 10, 2017 | Chapter Ten

And each day is passing by in a blur

Hungry man each day at the bed

Salt shops would probably impress Deoridh

But I’ve chosen this venturesome life instead

And each day is another place

My eyes awake into thousand pastel colors

Blood thumping alive in my veins

by scholars and pilgrims and doctors

And I had visited many kingdoms in sizes

Been thieving the stalls and markets of Ailith

Been killing some martyrs in the way

and even time had no moments to breathe

But in the gardens, one day,

in the dawn of dusk

My eyes fell on a man

With white and silver locks

His eyes white, his teeth of a pearl

And white tux and white leather

and pale skin and white rose

hanging and gleaming by his shoulder

A face of an angel

And a heart of a stone

A breathe of enlightenment

In his heart, there grew a throne

November 11, 2017 | Chapter Eleven

Suicide’s Son said to Ailith,

“I daren’t to weep

My tears are astay

For whispers caught up to me

as if I’ve been chased

I daren’t to weep

For mathair is already dampened

is already bounded

and athair’s kingdom is saddened

Aren’t you the gypsy?

Who daren’t to weep

Who daren’t to heed

on mathair’s kindness?

You may be out of prison

but you have the criminal’s stone

that makes you a part

of the rebels who dethrone

It may not be on how you look

Or how your skin is blue

Or how you kissed thousands of men

Or how your intention is true

I am Aro, the Suicide’s son

and in my heart is vengeance

For you have put mathair in shackles,

I’d chasten you to keep my allegiance”

November 12, 2017 | Chapter Twelve

Down the temperature goes,

Down there, my heart went

Pebbles and twigs crunching under my feet

To the forest heart where Death’s kingdom is bent

My eyes retreating to open

My tears retreating to fall

Where my pounding heart is seated

My bare chest whispers and calls

I ache for freedom and liberation

Yet I long for fear and cowardness

Here before me is the man of the universe

Materializing himself in nothingness

What twin of death does he have

When his eyes are blooming with life?

The dark and dullness among his shell

Radiates against our strife

And where I think I am

reflects on my contemporaries

That deep within these walls,

I refuse to stomach this madness

“Aro,” I whisper,

My breath rose off to humid

“I could only hide so far

To leave my scars buried.

And to think that I failed

To speak like your guardian angel

is nothing compared to the countesses’

where our freedom is what they sell”

But he only walked so far

To abandon me in the gates

The night consuming my thoughts

If I could make it out here…escape

And in the cold of the evening,

In the howls of the wicked wolves,

Suicide’s son came disappearing

To the kingdom’s darkening halls

November 13, 2017 | Chapter Thirteen

Rumbles resonating

Crunchy barkings

Blue heads scattering

Around the outskirts of Forrest Ikka

Magenta knuckles

Clogged tendrils

Linking eyebrows

High-octave shoutings

Ice Weaver rituals

Merry funerals

Raindrops levitating

Forgiveness deferrals

November 14, 2017 | Chapter Fourteen

Cravings for a taste

of waters uncharted

Embarking on a sailing

of my soul on the salted

You speak through the whispers

of the great seas and storms

and armor myself

from the blisters of the aulds

And grasp and drown

By the whoosh and whoosh of waters

and salten my tongue

with the flickings through the continents

And the sheath of some javelin

to lug on my lungs

A cut on my throat

While all my demons sang

November 15, 2017 | Chapter Fifteen

Engrave the white rose

to veins where my blood ticked

Away from the earlobes

of the gossips of the unzipped

Emboss the tendrils

of the vines that your wings picked

into a cobbled path

where your logic stops my tricks

Endanger the sirens

of summoning temptations

of lust and greed

that lived in vibrations

and still encourage

my wee baby angels

to sweep my feet off

from the devil’s wedding bells

November 16, 2017 | Chapter Sixteen

And the time dawned at which hour the lords’ submissions hadst to scatter through the neighboring kingdoms. The King of Ailith hadst an initiative to start his journey earlier, finding Ailith tied in the gates of the Kingdom of Death.

The King of Ailith hath said to Ailith,

“Helpless, indeed is the woman before me

My words reechoing from my royal tongue

Helpless, you are, that you’ve married no island

and now, the chained gate is where you clung

Helpless we both are that we traveled everywhere

but end up the same place in our lonely hearts

Helpless I am that the throne where I sat

is the place where my heart drifted apart”

November 17, 2017 | Chapter Seventeen

He continued,

“And soon you’ll learn

that perfection is the progress’s enemy

And soon you’ll learn

that the good things are made rivals to be

And we turn our heads

for these blessing recurring

Eyes trained forward

from this to another fling

And soon you’ll learn the curse behind freedom

That in the end, we’ll long for the shackles in our wrists

And soon we’ll learn how endings are just beginnings

for auld songs that haunt imaginations stirrings.”

November 18, 2017 | Chapter Eighteen

To the author of my fate,

How you sheltered me with sins

I broke a pact with the devil

who soon left me here obscene

To the author of my fate,

How you want me in the deep

I broke a pact with the ocean

who kept me in water drips

To the author of my fate

Now, I found salvation

To the king of Ailith who coated me

For a decade of redemption

Tapadh leat mo ghradh

Forever your wisdom shines

And the author of my destiny,

To you, my heart inclines

November 19, 2017 | Chapter Nineteen

It wasn’t of a purpose

of a dot in the worthless realm

To leave any man unmarried

and have his presence condemned

In bottom of my heart,

I know the ticking of the clock

as it synced with my heartbeat

and rhymed with my emotional shocks

For any gypsy who had cursed this world

Is already gifted of a different degree.

I may have the criminal’s stone

and so the blood, my demons can agree

I may be a homeless wretch

whose lips were pecked by men

but in the palace of this kingdom,

a king and the queen’s crown is humbly sent

And mercy it is

that filled the land with curiosity

And my family in the waiting

still behaving in atrocity

What man insists to be blind

from the cover-ups of the Ice queen?

He may be adorned with age

But his weary eyes engulfed all my sins

November 20, 2017 | Chapter Twenty

Through the eyes of the land of the ancienter,

Scotland stands anew with grief

The king who reigned for five decades

Now in his golden coffin, asleep

Though the snow still raged on,

and corpses still filling the graves

In a cold room of my heart,

there he left a hollowing ache

And the breeze of December

Indeed, so cold and desolate

The crown in my head, glimmering

The more frightening, it gets

And the cuckoos by my window

still cuckooing like alarm

But the doves in my wedding day

still believing by the ring in my palm

November 21, 2017 | Chapter Twenty-one

It is with a greedy remark

that I promised to rule Ailith

with an oath by my right hand

and on my left where envy gets to breathe

How cruel have I been

to emerge my royal tongue?

Vicious, vicious orders

my descendants heeded and sang

It is with an open heart

that I welcomed dirty deeds yet again

Be a mistress of the devil

Have my services worn-out and sunken

November 22, 2017 | Chapter Twenty-two

What kingdom is there that refused to collapse in frost

In the midst of the war of the darkening shadows?

What greed is there that consumed my thoughts

At night, when all is burnt in hollows?

What hero could ever dare to knock on the gates

With chin held up high and with mind still sane,

When everyone started giving up

And giving up is what he swore by his name?

What child would still be following his father’s footsteps

When those footsteps were corrupted for anyone to follow?

Suicide’s son is as fresh as a mirror

And in his heart, there was only sorrow

It is with a greedy remark

that I promised to rule Ailith

with an oath by my right hand

and on my left where envy gets to breathe

How cruel have I been

to emerge my royal tongue?

Vicious, vicious orders

my descendants heeded and sang

It is with an open heart

that I welcomed dirty deeds yet again

Be a mistress of the devil

Have my services worn-out and sunken

November 23, 2017 | Chapter Twenty-three

Altitudinous walls encased the palace

Equal archers and warriors in gaudy release

Target the weapons to Aro’s heart

To protect the kingdom’s years and years of bliss

“Guards ’round the queen!

Beware of the deadly monster!

We ought to break his neck

And cut him in slaughter!

He came with Death

And Death came with Winter!

Came with the Ice Weavers

That brought scarcity and somber!

Guards ’round the queen

And so long to the devil

No more is the season

that endangered our people

Come on now

Surrender, lad!

Or these hungry weapons

Will find a way to what your heart once had!”

November 24, 2017 | Chapter Twenty-four

“How very benighted of you to hide her from me!

Am I not the one who found her in the gardens?

She stole a dangerous item

Belonging to the mathair and flee!

A rebel and a thief,

That’s what she is!

But I’m no longer here

To catch her with another leash

I’m with a word

And explanation of a wish

I’m here to talk face-to-face

With that woman in release.”

November 25, 2017 | Chapter Twenty-five

“How very benighted of you to hide her from me!

Am I not the one who found her in the gardens?

She stole a dangerous item

Belonging to the mathair and flee!

A rebel and a thief,

That’s what she is!

But I’m no longer here

To catch her with another leash

I’m with a word

And explanation of a wish

I’m here to talk face-to-face

With that woman in release.”

November 26, 2017 | Chapter Twenty-six

And the guards’ whispers dispersed in the pattering of the rain

As Aro riddled with the queen in the heart of the palace.

Mercy overtowers the Ice Queen’s heart of stone

as it seeped into her fragile crown of glass

November 27, 2017 | Chapter Twenty-seven

“I’m afraid your words worked like charm

In the 6th century, proportionalisation is still key to morality

As I am now free from this very kingdom’s prisons,

Your Mathair still woes in reality

I’m surprised your approach is in form of humility

This, I address, to the superiors Downstairs

But I am in much, much awe that I deserved this bliss earlier

Though the winter I’ve set in Ailith became my own lair

Of course, Aro, the Suicide’s Son,

I consider your very plea

It is a rarity that words strike me like daggers

But your words woke me up in serenity.

Indeed, I’m letting go of Meredith, the Ice Weaver

But for her to set foot in my kingdom is forbidden

And for you to come here alone without an army

This, I salute you among many mighty men!

-Ailith, the Ice Queen

November 28, 2017 | Chapter Twenty-eight

Aro was stunned by the words

that came out of the queen’s mouth

After all, it so suddenly seems

that Ice Queen has been better with no doubt

The handsome prince of the kingdom of Death,

for the first time, feels a warmth in his chest

And with his crimson cheeks

and tantalizing eyes he hid with his best

And so the adrenaline that took course of his body began

With a leaping heart, he embraced the queen so tight!

And no warmth was felt from her corpse-like skin

But her pounding heart she calmed down with all her might

And the briefest moment felt like a flash

That the clock on the hall ticked so fast

Armed with nothing, Aro mustered himself up

That the abrupt magical moment all coming to last

November 29, 2017 | Chapter Twenty-nine

Trudging by the gates,

Aro started his woe-begone time

His memories flashed surreal but so true

His heartbeat and hers almost rhymed

And the queen went upstairs to her room

Looking through the binocular focused on the gates

A draft sprang up by the windows

as the prince were encased by her steady gaze

“Alas! He left!” the warriors thundered

A pang of ache shot Aro by their words

Alas! When he stopped by the pole to look back,

His chest was caught by the warriors’ arrows and daggers

November 30, 2017 | Chapter Thirty

Remember a path for the weak

where I lace my words with poison

Knives trace my fingers to seek

For Suicide’s only humbled son

I killed him, I burned him

To ashes, he returned

I thought he grew back stronger

with tears that stabbed me through the core

My angels are sinners

my wings are torn to drown

while he swam his loneliness around me

and in his heart, there grew a crown

Remember a path for the strong

for the ice I once called home

Now slowly cutting me in pieces

and still, I’ve never known

He healed me, he taught me

In warmth, I am ashamed

the ice that once surrounded me

came melting down the drain

November 30, 2017 | Epilogue

Aro, the Suicide’s Son

I have taken my time to write you a letter

I may be the enemy of The Living

But my words will never falter

Will never fail, never suspend

Like the men I’ve put in danger

But will only thrive in, I know,

In my heart where there is deep somber

So long, keep safe!

I’m sealing this with tears

For lips I once had

is already lifeless since

-Ailith, the Ice Queen

T.L. Thornes is a writer residing in Ilocos Sur, Philippines. She was twelve when she started keeping drafts of her poems in composition notebooks. Since then, she has found an emotional outlet through writing. When she’s not writing, she can be found in the streets of her hometown, urbansketching, or in her room, writing songs and making art journals.

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