July 19 is mom’s special day. In every single birthday of hers, I’d always either write her an awfully long letter or an awfully long poem.

In this birthday, I wrote her another poem. I woke up late this morning, around 10:30 a.m., remembering how today’s supposed to be an interesting day but I guess all the fun was sucked out because it was raining and the clouds were all over our home region.

I woke up thinking of not giving her any form of present this year, only because if I’d given her another letter, it wouldn’t be too thoughtful or sincere because I feel as though I’m going through some screwed up teenage phase. And if I’d write her another poem, it wouldn’t be too…I guess I can’t because I had just stuck myself in a writing slump.

I woke up not worrying about anything really, so I got my phone out and starting checking all of my social media and watching more Creative North YouTube videos.

That’s when it hit me.

Out of a sudden, I propped myself up and got the notes app in my phone and started writing a poem. I couldn’t believe it.

I knew I couldn’t write anything, not a single poetic or creative word at this point because of the slump, but suddenly I was and I couldn’t believe it. I was just writing and writing my heart out.

Eventually, I came up with this poem. It’s called Milk Bath:

I wash my hands in the basin
full of salt and soap
and all the suds sunk in my pores
I rub them raw
Showers don’t work anymore
Milk began pouring in my mouth
what you have fed
when i was a thumb in a futile foot
I wash my mouth like i washed my hands
in the basin where the salt crystallizes
solid as the milk I once sipped
now a glacier in my tummy I can’t melt
It snowed and snowed
and hailed
milk in curved stone-like balls
raining down my roof
I am as weak as I was a thumb
No matter how sturdy the milk has frozen,
I can never equate to the soap you have washed me in the basin

Anyways, here some of the pictures I took when we went to Ilocos Norte (tap on each pic to zoom in):