What do we put out in the world? | Journal

What we put out in the world is much more enlightening than what we take in from it. It is not other people’s job to create things for dissipation. We are all born with the aptness to create. And it is a merit to be human and use our human ways to build each other’s ingenuity.

Screen-Free Morning | Journal

With everything basically presenting itself at your doorstep, it can be tricky to choose which of these free cookies you’d rather spend your time with. Too many choices means higher chances of bad decisions. And time shouldn’t be wasted. Pick your top priorities and become one with them.

New Journal System | Journal

Given the ugly flavors of my former journal system, I had to come up with a new sexy design that would serve as both style and function. When the light gets in, it’s a complete theatre with all of my actors and actresses dolled up to perfection.