Digital Minimalism: The First Step is to Let Go

The vital thing to understand about the digital age is that everyone has an equal chance of getting spoiled by sugar contents and information. And the likelihood of data overkill is promising obesity, or worse, type 2 diabetes. 

Creating more materials free of charge shouldn’t be a principal priority. In fact, cutting them down should be. The less we have, the better we are off. Choose to get jammed in the traffic of intention and have the wind at our backs as we splurge the last of our value to things that are indicative of value. 

The funny sadness of having everything you desire at your doorstep within a day, that is if they’re not already there in two seconds, is a display of how affectionate the future can be.

The initial program the giants made sure everyone’s on board with is to contrive a futuristic and promising world: a world where time and distance are no longer troubles. This master plan rebuilt schools and government organizations to create employable graduates. These citizens, then, created a community of creators (doctors, engineers, actors, scientists, etc.) out of the saluted ideology that postulated going backwards is the death of this age.

We cannot go backwards. This is the luckiest generation to have been born in. Everything is at the touch of your fingertips. Scrap your good old survival list and create a new one. Make sure these smart gadgets (smarter than their owners) are there. This is where your ideal life is sold at a price of a couch.

To take this at face value, it’s almost decreed to own a chasing feeling of introspection these days through going faster and closer. Shopping for clothes or school supplies has never been easier and enjoyable. Hunting for antique collections has never been outmatched by scrolling through international shops on your phone. Creating a business or finding a job has automated a clique of entrepreneurs to build groups of digital nomads at different levels.

Dreams are no longer dreams in this day and age. They are a check-list waiting to be crossed off from your planning app.

We have trekked through an applaudable journey and littered the summit with human race flags. It’s time to step down once again and see where wisdom headed off. 

Here is where we’ll welcome Digital Minimalism. The first step is to learn to let go.


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