did anyone ever tell to you to slow it down

dumb things down to simple sentences

while you break out in laughter and they freak out

but they don’t really care

knives break and people stare

what’s the catch if i get my magic hair for zero dollars so they can tell me how it’s unfair

because, of course it is, it’s barely there, the catch

I can shuffle my deck of cards

and turn the tables against me, but it won’t be enough

because, hey, patterns are rough, but they work

so the visionaries have perks, they scream at us

“see see how we dumbed things down for you

now, take a xanax or two

you’ll need it for another part two because we never stop at a debut

there’s always going to be a disappointing sequel to a perfect money-hogging hell

when you zoom in, you can tell how my attention is corroding

but it’s two sheets of ice to heal the growing, breaking thing

so as i slow it down and take it apart

unmeshing the coils of its heart

i can etch out the patterns, like encrypted symbols in an old, old scroll

calculate how they’d fall and crash to the wretched world

spin-offs, i think that’s what they’re called

the unprecedented scenes unincluded in their victory calls

it always turns out great, trimmed to its edges

bad beginnings and beautiful endings of the stories that never merges with the everyday life

now i intentionally choose what i’ll do with my time

afraid i’ll mess up my story somehow,

now we’re scared more than ever

asking “aren’t you?” to each other

like a proper greeting, hiding the scary parts of the world we built together

tethered to its feathers

who knows? maybe one day, it’ll fly

and forget the characters they’re carrying with them