Subway Teeth

Subway Teeth is the debut title of the young poetess, T.L. Thornes, which has exquisite themes of beatitudes and tragedies of life, shared through the eyes of a teenage girl, Claire, who was left on a subway station, smoking away her grief and broken heart at a crowd she can never belong with.

Paperback Price: $5 (USD)

Tracing Papers

Tracing Papers is a poetry chapbook about life with underlying themes of pain and pleasure. This collection of T.L. Thornes’ written works will grow into your heart as it tackles the unspoken feelings true to anyone’s soul.

Paperback Price: $5

Ocean Teeth

Ocean Teeth follows the writings of Rowan, a girl who ran away to the ocean, who has found the art in everything and the most important art of all—the art in dying. Written by the young poetess, T.L. Thornes, this book is explosive with themes of love and loss, spoken through the eyes of a teenage runaway.

Launch Date: March 2019

Skyline Teeth

Skyline Teeth is the last book in the series, All is Well in the Waters, following a young boy, Elliot, on his way to explore the secrets of humanity and life, sharing his documentations through poetry. After the preceding books in the series, Subway Teeth and Ocean Teeth, T.L. Thornes is back again with the tales of beatitudes and tragedies of life, painting one vivid scene and message in each of the pages.

Launch Date: December 2019


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