behind the blinds


I wish we could speak more

how casual streams of earl grey graze upon our senses

speaking gibberish, child-like

almost nonsense in the way it reaches my ears

landing in my dreams

fluttering close

the flies buzzing there 

casually, no, hypnotically

wishing we could sing more 

alarming rate on how we approach the exits

searching for a fire but finding nothing

wallets, ticket stubs, Torn photographs

how casual you walk in on all fours

nagging me to be four again

when we could speak more

and create worlds instead of forts

saving me

drowning me

breathing in me


spraying a pungent perfume in my mouth

my asthma going round and round, It’s ridiculous

I wish you’d see how one of us gets a look in at the forts we used to build

and find broken dreams of a sailor and an astronaut

wishing someday,

we’d mend the uniforms we have sewn

and i wish you could stay

pick up where we left off

so someday, this paralysis takes over us

and bites us to the extremes

when lost in touch with the languages we used to speak

gibberish, child-like 

almost nonsense in the way it reaches my ears

landing in my dreams

but it was for us

and i understood the words completely

syntactically correct and beautifully fucked up

so what else can we wish for?

besides this normalcy we created in discomfort

how comforting you are behind the blinds