Hello there! I’m Tery (T.L. Thornes is the front, setting the mood). Thanks for taking the time to visit. I’ve created a cozy small-ish fort as a hammock for ideas that pique my interests. 


I’ve started my blogging venture last 2017 (although I’ve also spent half of it getting frustrated with my old content, so down the drain they go). It’s only this year, lordy, that I’ve developed a sort of keen administration to house the convoluted categories in my head.


Concord is a project I’ve started this September 2019 as an avenue for the things that I feel strongly about. I’ve also taken the time to do intensive research for each topic and inclination to sensibility with my approach on how I construct each point. Everything is an initial step to unbar a healthy and intellectual discussion so I encourage you to wear your hat and join.


Journal is the place to confer my reflected conclusions. Although it’s rare for me to present the emotional side of the topics, I openly discuss what I could have done better and the solutions drawn from it. I want to prompt anyone who would comb through the posts that however light my influence is, it should be taken with a grain of salt. After all, they’re not how-to or instructional posts. They’re simply personal experiences being shared.


Lastly, the Poetry page is where I archive my public poems. And anyone can read them for free.