Somehow, 2018 is like the older sister of 2017, partly because 2017 has been such a transitional and pivotal year for me and my career, and 2018 is almost like that. The only edge of this year is that I feel as though I have it all figured out when really, everything I’m in is just the tip of the iceberg.

Anyways, I did a 2017 Highlights blog post and somehow, it was pretty refreshing for me to be able to collect and recall memories that were emphatic every year. So, here are the highlights of my 2018. 

1. College

College is, of course, a big thing for everyone. This is the segment of our lives where we get to feel like an adult and act like an adult even though we clearly have no clue about what is going on in our lives. College for me, though, is sort of different. My parents already have my future polished and refined and, all there is to do is to actually work my way to that plan.

I took B.S. in Entrepreneurship because this is the closest thing I can relate to when it comes to business management. I didn’t want to go on full business mechanics and all the behind-the-scenes happening in a firm. I wanted to pursue something that is almost business that is still in the creative route. I figured that Entrepreneurship was the key. And it probably was, only college didn’t work out for me and now, I’m out of the university that I enrolled in for two months.

After a few weeks, I decided that I still want to go to college, but probably not in a physical university. So that’s how I got myself to looking for and enrolling myself to a university abraod, BYU Idaho, through BYU Pathway.

2. I learned new awesome skills

Because of the sudden decision of dropping out of college and finally going online, I decided that I will take the remainder of time that I have to learn new sets of skills. 

Lately, I found this animation Youtuber called Zalinki and I really enjoyed his videos. He introduced me to learning animation and more into digital art.

I’ve been doing digital art since the 8th grade. I started making comics when I was in the 3rd grade and now, I also enjoy making webcomics that is still in the webcomics sites called Webtoons and Tapastic.

Animation is another fun way of artistic expression that requires heavy amount of time and patience. I started with short animation clips, like walking cycles or simple camera pans and other principles of animation and I can’t say I’m already good at it but the more I learn, the more enjoyable it became.

So now, animation is a part of my night routine and I don’t regret spending months of trying to learn this skill.

3. I Need A Lennon

I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am for this project, although this is not a project.

I feel as though I Need A Lennon is the answer to all of my songwriting dreams. I never really wanted to do songwriting officially, like make it my career or something like that, but songwriting is like a settlement for me. There are times when I resort back to songwriting like it’s always been there, watching me as I pursue my dreams of being a writer and waiting for me to be done with whatever that I’m obsessed with for a short amount of time. I find myself going back to it like it’s my little cosy corner.

I am grateful that this is another form of artistic expression that answers my love for music and playing instruments. 

I Need A Lennon is a duo of me and my absolute-hipster-friend-who-is-still-in-denial-that-he-is-in-fact-a-hundred-percent-maybe-eighty-percent-hipster where we write songs at the roof deck of our house or at their cute little hut house.

As of now, there’s no clear plans on where this is going but we’re just strumming and humming our way to wherever this is going, which, hopefully, is towards success.

4. I wrote 488 poems

Sometimes this is conventional for writers but I’m still a human and I can’t help but be happy and overwhelmed that I produced this much of poems. Period.

5. Becoming positive

This has to be in the list. For a couple of years now, being positive has always been in my journals. It has always been there and it has always been ignored. This year, however, is the year where I really enjoyed the transformation of my perspective in life in general. 

Being positive is hard. It’s almost impossible if you have no idea how it works. The tweaking is in there, in the deepest part of your brain and you just have to reach it and make it work. That’s how it was for me. I’m still not completely positive but I mostly find myself now having faith that things will work out with whatever that I’m achieving. And it has been said again and again, but this needs emphasis: being positive saved me soooo many dreams. 

I cannot imagine myself in this position if I haven’t nudged myself so hard to be positive. 

Wrap – Up

Hey there!  Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog post. It’s almost personal but here you are in the end card with a smile on your face. Thank you!

A quick announcement before anything else, Ramson and Rockwell Press is going to be releasing my debut chapbook called Tracing Papers on the fourth week of December this year. And the good news is that it’s only $5 (USD) so it’s the price of a coffee or two so if you’re up for a Christmas present to send to your loved ones, Tracing Papers might be a good idea.

I am also going to be releasing the zine edition of Tracing Papers exclusively for my patreons, so if you want to get a copy it, we can absolutely talk about it all day on my patreon account 🙂

Speaking of Christmas presents, I recently announced on Instagram that I am writing free custom poems for anyone who requests so if that’s something that you’re into, it is absolutely free until the 25th of December. The first 20 requested poems will be featured on my next chapbook project called An Ode And

If it so happens that you’re interested in this project, go ahead and request through leaving me a message on the contact page of this website, through mail or through Instagram dm.

That’s it! Keep smiling!

T.L. Thornes is a writer residing in Ilocos Sur, Philippines. She was twelve when she started keeping drafts of her poems in composition notebooks. Since then, she has found an emotional outlet through writing. When she’s not writing, she can be found in the streets of her hometown, urbansketching, or in her room, writing songs and making art journals.

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