Hey there! In this post, I’m going to be going through all of the things that made 2018 a wonderful year. I’ve been wanting to try to do this blog series since last year but I only got my website this year, so why don’t we go ahead and start?


The End of the F ing World

If there’s one thing that really drew me to this T.V. series, it’s the tones, the overall mood and aesthetics of it. From the personality of James and Alyssa to the theme of the film, I found myself rewatching this in the middle of the night for three consecutive weeks that it’s almost nostalgic every time I can recall. 

I’m still crossing my fingers for the teasing of Season 2 but I guess if the series ends there, it ends there. 

Game of Thrones Season 7

Game of Thrones is the kind of film-binge night my sister, Pam, and I have. We rewatch the seasons one to three and watch cute little clips from the film as our bonding. 

This year, I got to watch the latest released season and I can’t wait for season eight to be available.

Skins UK

I am extremely late in the Skins game, I know, I know. I also didn’t give Skins US a chance but I really loved Skins UK. 

This series really spoke to me in a level that I wasn’t even expecting from films. I usually don’t get too attached or absorbed by movies or t.v. series. There are a few exceptions though, such as Downton Abbey, Never Let Me Go and Now Is Good, and this series is one of them.



Thanks to the t.v. series, The End of the F ing World, I was able to discover Soko. She creates the most calming music I’ve ever heard in the world of Spotify.

Her songs are included in almost all of the playlists I created.

Some of my favourites are We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow and First Love Never Die.

Lucy Rose

Lucy Rose was recommended to me by my music buddy and now her songs are one of the most played songs in my playlists.

I really enjoy the vintage vibe she gives off and even her looks say a lot about the songs she’s making.

Some of my favourites from her are Shiver and Place.

Hobo Johnson

Hobo Johnson was also recommended to me by the same friend but the first time I heard his music, I didn’t know I was enjoying it.

His genre is spoken poetry (which is super new to me and in which I found out is actually a legit official music genre, thanks to the YouTube comments) but his weren’t the usual ones you hear at some poetry readings or talks.

Some of my favourites from his were Peach Scone, Sex and the City, Romeo and Juliet, and Father.

Graham Coxon

I also discovered Graham Coxon through The End of the F ing World

There’s actually no words to describe how his music makes me feel things and wish I was back in time and enjoying my childhood.

His songs are the kind of music you often hear in films with vintage vibes. I am so grateful to have found him in both the music world and the film.


The Girl – City and Colour

Shiver – Lucy Rose

Cherry Wine – Hozier

Brave Love – Kingsfoil

End of the Affair – Ben Howard

yea, babe, no way – LANY

Someone else – LANY

Depth Over Distance – Ben Howard

Black Flies – Ben Howard

Love it if we made it – The 1975


Only Love – Ben Howard

There’s Your Man – Ben Howard

13 – LANY

Sex and the City – Hobo Johnson

Hollow Life – Coast Modern

Laughing on the Outside – Bernadette Carroll

We might be dead by tomorrow – Soko

The End of the World – Skeeter Davis

Time is Dancing – Ben Howard

Bones – Dustin Tebutt

Towing the Line – Ben Howard

Crosses – Jose Gonzalez

Nica Libres At Dusk – Ben Howard

Old Pine – Ben Howard

It Was Love – LANY

Peach Scone – Hobo Johnson

Fix You – Coldplay

Luck – Jamie Mcdell

Stay Alive – Jose Gonzalez

Sincerity is Scary – The 1975


Supergirl and Superboy – Tullycraft

Setting’ the Woods On Fire – Hank Williams

Come Back – The Belles

Walking All Day – Graham Coxon

You & I – Graham Coxon

All I’ve Got – Lucy Rose

Bikes – Lucy Rose

I Thought I Was An Alien – Soko

Further Away – Ben Howard

Different Kinds of Strangers – Ian Penn

Holocene – Bon iver

The Breach – Dustin Tebutt

Oceans – Seafret

There’s Your Man – Ben Howard

Comin’ Home – City and Colour

Northern Wind – City and Colour

Stay Alive – Jose Gonzales

Romeo and Juliet – Hobo Johnson

Yellow – Coldplay

Blackbird – The Beatles

First Love Never Die – Soko

Et Viola – Francoise Hardy

I’m Sorry – Brenda Lee

Saturday Night – Graham Coxon

Luck – Jamie Mcdell

Three Rounds and a Sound – Blind Pilot

YouTube Channels

Creative North

Until now, I still can’t believe his content is posted online for free.

Creative North is a channel run by a Swedish filmmaker who is just too good for YouTube. He makes the most outstanding and beautifully crafted short documentary series. One of his documentaries, The Pearl of Africa, was even bought by Netflix.

His content focuses a lot about art, music and other creative topics while heavily shifting towards a political and economical perspective.

Mango Street

Mango Street’s channel tag line is “Photography tutorials that don’t waste your time’, and no shiz Sherlock, they’re not kidding. 

Rachel and Daniel has taught me so much about photography in a short amount of time than all of the photography channels in YouTube combined.

Their taste in film and photography is almost similar to mine. That’s probably why I adore their content a lot.

Another photographer that I really appreciate that’s almost the same style as them is Phil Chester.

Baz Battles

Baz Battles has been the most useful and entertaining channel about historically accurate battles in both fiction and nonfiction world.

Their content scope is worldwide and animated beautifully so it’s so easy to be engrossed with and learn at the same time for my history class.

I discovered them through their video about the battle in the world of Game of Thrones and since then, I haven’t stopped watching their videos.

Mood Boards

And then, of course, my favourite thing to do when I’m drafting new book projects is creating mood boards in Pinterest. This has always been my process because I easily get inspiration from Pinterest mood boards and Spotify playlists. These two things work like magic and instantly, words will flush out of my system.

It definitely does a hundred percent of the work in getting me in the writing mood and the atmosphere of whatever I’m writing at the time. 

In here, I’ve created three mood boards, Subway Teeth, Tracing Papers and I Need A Lennon. I Need A Lennon, by the way, isn’t a book project. It is a duo music project with Rambo Ruiz where we will be releasing original tracks in the most convenient distribution channels out there, like Spotify and iTunes. 

Instagram Accounts

I have discovered so many awesome Instagram accounts but if I’d choose my top ones, it would be these ones: @nathaliebasoski, @ghostly_t, @not.a.russian.spy and @brittabug, because I can’t count how many times I’ve come back and scroll down their grids.

@nathaliebasoski and @not.a.russian.spy are both run by the same filmmaker and photographer, Nathalie Basoski, who I first discovered on YouTube. She also has a website, basoski.com, where I saw the most captivating photography portfolio ever.

I also first discovered @ghostly_t at YouTube under the channel name of Ghostlyt a few years back when I started making art journals. I didn’t know she had an Instagram account until now. 

@brittabug, however, I only discovered her this year when I was looking for portrait photographers similar to Nathalie Basoski. Although they’re not similar at all, I still love her style and the tones in her shots.

What are some of your favorites this 2018?

2018 has been such a year, hasn’t it? For me, it was interesting and such a time to learn and discover new artists, music, films, books and other things. I’m sure there are more that I want to fit in the list but that about wraps it up for me.

How about you? What has been your favourites so far this year? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

T.L. Thornes is a writer residing in Ilocos Sur, Philippines. She was twelve when she started keeping drafts of her poems in composition notebooks. Since then, she has found an emotional outlet through writing. When she’s not writing, she can be found in the streets of her hometown, urbansketching, or in her room, writing songs and making art journals.

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