Survival Today | Concord

What we learn from the standard way of solving standard problems is that, eventually, the solution will rot and stink. It is not the experiment that changes. It’s the variables. Survival today is not the same as survival back then. Laying down the blueprint of today’s era on top of the former eras to trace out whatever we can trace from them will give us context of flecked causal analysis here and there. But it won’t reproduce the same results.

What do we put out in the world? | Journal

What we put out in the world is much more enlightening than what we take in from it. It is not other people’s job to create things for dissipation. We are all born with the aptness to create. And it is a merit to be human and use our human ways to build each other’s ingenuity.

Digital Minimalism: The First Step is to Let Go | Concord

The initial program the giants made sure everyone’s on board with is to contrive a futuristic and promising world: a world where time and distance are no longer troubles. This master plan rebuilt schools and government organizations to create employable graduates. These citizens, then, created a community of creators (doctors, engineers, actors, scientists, etc.) out of the saluted ideology that postulated going backwards is the death of this age.

Screen-Free Morning | Journal

With everything basically presenting itself at your doorstep, it can be tricky to choose which of these free cookies you’d rather spend your time with. Too many choices means higher chances of bad decisions. And time shouldn’t be wasted. Pick your top priorities and become one with them.

Is journal-keeping even worth it? | Concord

Anything eventually grows pornographic if the need to synthesize and glamorize it subsists into labeling it as a ‘habit’ and treating it as way more than that. Just like obsession, no matter what angle you look at, it can never be seen as healthy or good.

New Journal System | Journal

Given the ugly flavors of my former journal system, I had to come up with a new sexy design that would serve as both style and function. When the light gets in, it’s a complete theatre with all of my actors and actresses dolled up to perfection.

Tangible Thoughts | Concord

We generate sixty to eighty thousand thoughts a day. We create a network of people to lip-service the guise of what our minds can do. If it’s not wearing a tuxedo, quickly rent one from the city and dress it up. The claim that we’re business-minded entrepreneurs, self-employed telemarketers or social media influencers isn’t enough. Doll up our little buddy and it does the hard-work for us.

Concord is a project I’ve started this September 2019 as an avenue for the things that I feel strongly about. I’ve also taken the time to do intensive research for each topic and inclination to sensibility with my approach on how I construct each point. Everything is an initial step to unbar a healthy and intellectual discussion so I encourage you to wear your hat and join.

Journal is the place to confer my reflected conclusions. Although it’s rare for me to present the emotional side of the topics, I openly discuss what I could have done better and the solutions drawn from it. I want to prompt anyone who would comb through the posts that however light my influence is, it should be taken with a grain of salt. After all, they’re not how-to or instructional posts. They’re simply personal experiences being shared.

Subway Teeth

Subway Teeth is the debut title of the young poetess, T.L. Thornes, which has exquisite themes of beatitudes and tragedies of life, shared through the eyes of a teenage girl, Claire, who was left on a subway station, smoking away her grief and broken heart at a crowd she can never belong with.

Tracing Papers

Tracing Papers is a poetry chapbook about life with underlying themes of pain and pleasure. This collection of T.L. Thornes’ written works will grow into your heart as it tackles the unspoken feelings true to anyone’s soul.